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Issued 10/12/2016



For Immediate Release


New Non-Profit Partners with UCSF to Help Breast Cancer Patients


SurviveArt, a new non-profit organization whose purpose is to help raise funds to support survivors and provide hope, is very proud to announce a recent partnership with the University of California at San Francisco’s Friend-to-Friend gift shop to help support the fight against cancer.  


SurviveArt will be providing inspirational and supportive greeting cards and 2017 calendars which can be purchased in the gift shop.  Marguerite (Margo) Wilhite of the Friend to Friend shop said in an e-mail to SurviveArt, “The proceeds from these items will help with our outreach to low-income women & teenage girls with cancer who can't afford a wig or a mastectomy bra while they’re undergoing treatment.”


Dr. Chris Fuzie, Founder and Director of SurviveArt said, “We wanted to partner with UCSF for a couple of reasons:  First, they are a leader in the world-wide fight against cancer.  Second, I have experienced their work first-hand as a cancer patient, and now a cancer survivor. I have always had great respect for the way they treated not just me, but every patient and their family members.  They gave me and my family hope, and we want to give some of that back through SurviveArt.”   


SurviveArt is a new non-profit organization, formed by Dr. Fuzie and Dr. Jeremy McMullen, both Doctors of Education, who met while working on their doctoral degrees.  SurviveArt’s mission is to provide hope and support for life’s many types of survivors through the production, use, and sales of donated artwork and its proceeds.   As a registered non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization, SurviveArt will begin to partner with different charitable organizations that support survivors of all kinds, to find ways to provide support which helps in the healing process.  


As a new organization, SurviveArt is currently looking for artists of all kinds willing to donate their original art which can be used to help raise funds for organizations.  “We are looking for artists who are interested in transforming the world, one piece of art at a time!  SurviveArt is seeking out original artwork for fund-raising for survivor charities like UCSF cancer research,” according to Dr. Jeremy McMullen, SurviveArt Treasurer and Artist.   


For more information about SurviveArt go to  To make donations, to donate art, tell survivor stories, or buy art from other survivors, people can visit our website at  The proceeds will go towards charities that have partnered with SurviveArt.  Charity organizations that would like to partner with SurviveArt can register at


For additional information about SurviveArt, please contact Dr. Chris Fuzie at (209) 652-3235.  For information provided in this press release, please contact Dr. Jeremy McMullen at (559) 410-1183 or e-mail SurviveArt at