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The SurviveArt Story

SurviveArt is a non-profit organization born from the belief in the power of art.  Like many new creations, SurviveArt evolved from a need that isn’t being met. The need of survivors of life’s tragedies to tell their stories and find some peace and healing from sharing their experiences. Chris Fuzie is a survivor of cancer and of 28 years as a police officer where he dealt with many of the victims of crime, accidents, tragedy and dealt with the injuries, maiming and death associated with much of the police profession.  


Cancer has touched Chris’ life since his retirement, his own bladder cancer, as well as his mother, son, brother-in- law, and several friends. This caused Chris to look for a way to help those who are survivors of cancer and their families. Chris came up with the idea of creating art to sell to raise money to help the survivors and those who are working to find a cure for cancer, and created SurviveArt greeting cards.

Then, while completing his Doctorate in Education, Chris was inspired/challenged by his mentor, Dr. John Halverson, to share his experiences and become a "dealer in hope."  Chris shared the idea with Jeremy McMullen, who was also completing his Doctorate in Education. Jeremy took the idea to the next level with all of the other possible “survivors:” PTSD, child abuse, domestic abuse, human trafficking, and many more. Not only did Jeremy bring a different aspect to SurviveArt, he brought energy, and a commitment to help it get started.


Jeremy and Chris made a deal to finish their respective doctorates and begin to work on "SurviveArt" as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping survivors tell their stories and support organizations who help survivors and help find/reach cures for some of the causes of these tragedies. As an organization the idea is simple, create hope, hope for a better future, hope for those who are left behind, and hope that one day these tragic situations won’t continue to happen.


To learn more about our board members, check out their Artful bios.