SurviveArt Stories

The SurviveArt stories are meant to provide survivors and artists a place to share their experiences and their work in order to further SurviveArt's Mission of spreading hope and healing through art and to raise funds for organizations that are working to help others. If you would like to contribute your own story you can do so here

Jeremy McMullen, Ed.D.

Artist and co-developer of SurviveArt, Treasurer

I have always tried to help others, while in the Navy and now...There are many different types of survivors that need support and a way to get their stories out.

Tami McMullen

Vice President, Board Member

A mom. and teacher by trade, Tami works to keep SurviveArt on track and moving forward!

Samantha McMullen

Painter, SurviveArt President

"Using art as my own personal therapy helped me through a time in my life where I could have easily become a victim."

Kimberly McMullen

Artist, SurviveArt Secretary and Website Designer

As I became more involved in community service projects at university, I realized there are many different ways a person can give back.

Chris Fuzie, Ed.D.

Cancer Survivor, Artist, and SurviveArt Founder, Board Chair

As a cancer survivor and survivor of 28 years of fighting crime, I want to give back to those who helped me through my cancer and those victims who are survivors of life's circumstances.

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