Some of my earliest memories are of drawing, I even remember when my dad gave me my first set of drawing and charcoal pencils.  Little did he know he hadn’t just given me his gift of creativity, but he had given me a survival skill. Using art as my own personal coping skill helped me through a time in my life where I could have easily become a victim. Instead of just surviving, I thrived, and that is when I realized I wanted to become a professional healer, and help survivors of sexual abuse explore their trauma and heal their wounds through art. 

Samantha McMullen

As my selfcare, I still make my own personal art. My favorite materials are water mixable oil paints and watercolor and pastel pencils, but I also sew, crochet and enjoy building and upcycling furniture with my family. When my dad told me about this idea to create SurviveArt, he gave me another gift: a voice. Through SurviveArt we hope to continue giving a voice to those who have had none, and hope that their stories will inspire others.

Role in SurviveArt

Los Angeles contact for local artists, businesses or survivors interested in donating art, funds, art show space and/or sharing their stories.

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