Dr. Jeremy McMullen

I have been all over the world and survived 23 years in the Navy without any serious damage.  I survived multiple cruises working on aircraft carriers mostly on the flight deck.  I couldn’t have survived alone-my fellow survivors helped me be safe.  My most meaningful work in the Navy was helping others.  I didn’t do this alone either-we volunteered our very short time off called “liberty time” to help others by repainting a HIV orphanage and special needs center in Chennai India, removing jungle at special needs centers in Singapore, and by painting orphanages in Hong Kong.  There is power in numbers.  Together, in a very short time we made something better in a much bigger way than if I were to attempt it alone.  I encourage you to use/volunteer/share SurviveArt with your survivor stories, or help generate funds with your art/purchases for solving big problems like-Alzheimer's or even for Cancer.  My Families survivor story is: My dad is currently fighting cancer.

Role in SurviveArt

Treasurer and Co-Founder

Jeremy in Kuwait (above) and Working with his Navy buddies who all repainted and played at a HIV Orphanage in Chennai India (right).

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