Dr. Chris Fuzie

I grew up in Modesto and joined the Modesto Police Department at age 22.  I worked for the PD for over 28 years and survived chases, shootings, car crashes, motorcycle crashes, fights in back alleys in the middle of the night, and all the other things that a cop has to deal with.  I was able to advance to the position of Assistant Division Commander for Investigations, then in 2010, on my 50th birthday, I retired…six months later I was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  The doctor who did the initial surgery to remove the cancer said I needed to have my bladder removed in order to be cured from the cancer. 


Nothing in my police career prepared me for the fight that was to come.  I sought a second opinion at UCSF and the doctors there said they “disagreed with the pathology” of the first doctor and felt it could be treated with “BCG.”  Since then I am now cancer free, yet my brother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed this last year.  My mother also has been diagnosed with cancer and is fighting the fight with chemotherapy.  The day I defended my doctoral dissertation, my 30-year-old son had surgery to have Thyroid cancer removed.  Needless to say, the last few years have been about family, health and hope.  Finding hope…

That is what started me thinking about SurviveArt…How do we provide hope to people?  How can we give people a way to tell their survival stories?  Hope is the only thing that keeps those fighting in the fight, and gives those who have survived a reason to keep surviving…So how do we give people hope… When I shared this with Jeremy and he brought up all the other kinds of survivors and became really excited about the idea, SurviveArt was born.


That is the reason for starting SurviveArt…to give hope to people, and art gives people a way to share their stories of survival and hope, which they may still be working through…

Role in SurviveArt

Director and Co-Founder

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