Tami McMullen

When I look at my 8th grade yearbook, I find that when asked to write what I want to be when I grow up, I put, “A mom and a teacher” in that order. Well, I have accomplished both… in that order! I am the mom of three amazing, creative adult children and the wife of the most supportive and loving man for the past 27 years. Twenty of these years were spent as a Navy wife, traveling all over the world, doing the single parent thing while he defended our country. During this time, I also chose to return to school to get my Bachelors Degree and Teaching Credential. I taught for ten years in public school, returning to school to receive my Administrative Services Credential. After some in depth personal reflection, I decided that public education was no longer for me. I have recently made the jump to teaching for the state. So far, so good! 


My family will tell you that I am a very strong person, and I like to think that I am, too. Having said that, I have to acknowledge that there is a time when we must ask for help. We cannot always handle all that life throws at us alone. I have had to reach out over the years to friends and family for emotional support and help with childcare. I have had to reach out to doctors for assistance with depression, anxiety, and weight loss. Once you start talking to others, you may find that you are not the only one fighting your fight.


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